Friday, November 11, 2011

Who's Meaty 'n Beaty 'n Bouncy.. and would you dare call someone that?

'The Who'... that's who.. and Rog can dare call anyone whatever he wants , i'd wager..

So 1971 Decca cassette.. actually saw this one sell in this condition on the internet for $80 .. three times.. as with most of the cassettes I've been posting here, I've seen them easily go for well over  $100 apiece .. but at the time i first obtained this one (yup this one.. i sold it to a local dealer 6 years ago and bought it back yesterday)
It cost me $5.. buying it back yesterday was $5.95 .. so i guess I made almost $10 ..
Huh? you say?
.. well the dealer in question paid me $15 for it around 2005...

The labels , as with all the old Decca tapes, had aging glue.. so I photocopied them the housings.

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