Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some gas please. check the oil, wipe the windows, and turn over the tape?

Remember the old days.. way back when.. when you pulled into a 'service station'.. you'd have some young feller still in school come up to the car askin what you wanted.. you'd barely be able to hear him 'cuz cousin Jimmy was sawing another hole in the hood of his nova  so as he could make that 6-71 blower fit!
And they'd have trinkets too..see, like if you bought enough gas.. you'd get coffee mugs with the gas station name on it. or free wiper blades that never quite fit right, or baby shoes that you could drape over the rear view mirror..
Or audio tapes.. the artist of the moment, promoted by Shell, or Esso, or Chevron, or Texaco..
Like these two..
Now the Esso steel band is at least legit, even though the artists likely never got more than 2 cents out of it..
But Chevron's entry (betcha didn't know Chevron had a 'music' division didja?).. Chevron's entry is 'The Queen of Country' who? wudda wot?  'Billie Jo Spears'

Well who ever.. these two are a piece of history just like all the other tapes..
And the Esso steel drum band might even get a listen from me.. now there's a sad tale behind those steel drum artists.. but that's for another time...

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