Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Blues..

One of the old guard..Lowell Fulsom.  'In A Heavy Bag'
 Fact is, I can't recall ever having owned a Jewel/Paula cassette before! It's a classic old label from the 50's though...

Dessert, anyone? Perhaps some Humble Pie...

Here's one i used to have, and lost in my car, I've only just replaced it now..

Also an earlier one, when Frampton was still in the band..
Rock On
And, for completeness' sake, seeing as he was in the Pie before he left the band, and changed into something else .. heres his solo LP..
This next one, however, is very much a favorite.. I absolutely have always liked Humble Pie, and This is one of my favorites.. even reissues of this cassette are  hard to find.. and this is an early issue..

This next one seems to be a perennial favorite with folks.. if they have only one Pie album, it ofen seems to be this one. This cassette is a very first issue:

More Blooz..from the Kings of the blues..

OK scanned some more cassettes..
This Freddie (Freddy) King album [Let's Hide Away and Dance Away With Freddy King] is the one that really did it for him, back in '62.. but it was the bluesbreakers cover of 'Hideaway' that cemented his reputation in the rock world.. the cassette is not as easy as all that to find, either, even if it does occasionally show up in stores and auctions, it's not often-
 This next one , [Great Moments With B.B. King] I had assumed, was a common re-issue because I see it often on CD, but the tape itself doesn't appear much, perhaps because it's a full double album.. It's superior to many of the MCA compilations, as it consists entirely of his first 5 ABC/Paramount /Bluesway albums from 1962 to 1967.. *before* 'The Thrill is Gone'.. Furthermore, this album was the only source for most of these tracks..
A few of these tracks also appeared on this next one [His Best, The Electric B.B. King] which might have been titled like a compilation, but is really not.. most of these tracks had not yet appeared on any album.. It's also one of my favorites of his.. I don't know why i don't see this cassette for sale more often.
One of the first albums of B.B.'s I ever had was 'Back in the Alley'.. a great comp .. it started out with a ten minute track called 'Lucille',  where B.B. talks about his guitar and how it came to me called Lucille..
this is the album it originally appeared on... Was glad to have found the cassette!

Now we move on to Albert King..
This album came out originally only on vinyl, while Stax was still in business.Although they did issue some albums on cassettes, they were not common and you almost *never* see any original STAX cassettes anymore (I'm lucky to have some myself) . After they went bankrupt (in '76 , I believe) they eventually got bought out by Fantasy Records, who reissued many Stax albums on cassette from the early 80's onwards  , before they stopped making that format altogether..
This was one that came out then for the first time..
'Blues At Sunrise" is a live set, partially from the Montreaux festival, I think...

Perhaps because they were already reissuing his Stax albums,  Albert even recorded a few albums for them.
This is I think, his first with them.. They reissued it on CD later under the name "Crosscut Saw'-
That's it for this post!
Well one more...
Albert does the 'Kings' thing.. that is.. The 'King of the Blues Guitar' does the 'King of Rock and Roll'...

A quick blue note..

Six blues cassettes I recently aquired.. I don't run into Albert king cassettes all that often so I grab them when I find them..

I was lucky this one was still sealed.. It is in mint shape.. As I'm not one of those retentive collectors who doesn't dare remove the plastic, I got to listen to it too!
 Next up, a BB cassette i don't see often either -
Next.. Freddie King.. another of those DCC/Shelter cassettes .
Been looking for this one for a while..

Friday, January 20, 2012


I've come into a bunch of Jimi lately.. so I'll post the scans, and update them with tape scans etc, as I make them.. Some may not be so rare, depending on where you live, but here in N America, all the UK & German Jimi issues are scarce...

In Memoriam ...

OK i know i'm breaking an unwritten rule here by posting tapes that are neither old , or rare, but they are good, and due to  Etta James' recent passing away last night, entirely justified.
She was one of the greats.. I can't think of anything more apt to say...
This first one was titled after her most well known song...
This next one has been around a very long time.. I remember having  it on the original vinyl, back over 30 years ago

RIP Ms James

Rare tapes in Australia?

As i don't know how many viewers I have ( maybe only a half dozen) this question may get little traction, but I've grown slightly suspicious of the enormous disparity between  availability of very old, rare tapes in the rest of the world, and Australia.
I'm not referring to ones that even in excellent condition , are clearly used, but ones that, for all practical purposes look almost new, despite being 40 to 50 years old.
 First, some statistics.. the way it generally works out is that if a tape, or a label, is rare in one part of the world, it will be rare in the rest of the world. Naturally theres variations, sometimes wide ones, due to , say pressings .. it's natural that British issues would be rarer outside of UK than in, for example , but still, compared to the rest of the tapes available, they'd still be scarce.
  However, Australia doesn't , in any way, fit that model.. it's as if several hundred thousand tapes were stored in a climate controlled warehouse for 30 to 40 years, and then just recently, all let out.
 Furthermore, every single one I've seen, has paper labels, with no printing on shell, ever..
 By "enormous disparity" referred to at the start,  incidentally, i meant that for any album there wasn't a single copy available on any ebay international site, yet over a half dozen australian ones listed..
This has been the case repeatedly, with , especially, Beatles and Pink Floyd albums, plus others i can't recall now..
They all appear to be in the identical condition with no yellowing...
  I think the conclusion is hard to miss....

Comments? Opinions?

P.S. I consider myself lucky, then, for the contributed Aussie scans from Tony.. These authentic ones are becoming harder to spot in the mix.. Frankly, I haven't seen more of the clearly used ones in Australia than in the rest of the world, but rather, less.. I suspect the harsh weather may be hard on tapes..
Thanks !

Monday, January 16, 2012

A quick tip..

Please, if you're looking for something specific, don't waste your time with the piece of shit 'Blogger search' up in the corner, but use the labels.. just find one cassette by whoever you're looking for and the labels will get you the rest..
If you use Blogger's search facility, you'll never get more than a third of the matching results..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Duane Eddy..

I really thought I had posted all my Duane Eddy tapes, but now I see that's not even nearly true..
Here's a bunch of them. I'll include the tape housing scans when I find them (I may have not scanned them yet)
First. here's the UK version of a tape I posted earlier, as the German issue:
Also from the UK, here's a two cassette issue from Cambra that came out in 1982.. called 'The Fabulous Duane Eddy'

In 1994, Sony came out with a short compilation of some of his Jamie stuff.. it's a good set . but short (so is the CD)..
Several of his  RCA albums were released by Pickwick (England) in a slightly shorter format (10 songs instead of 12)..
This reissue of his GTO label album, however , seems to have them all, but then it came out about the same time (1975)
This next one came out about in 1972, 10 years after the original ..
I also got some budget reissues.. that *all* same to be from the same sessions (a practice they are still continuing today)// It appears that almost *anyone* can get a licence to reissue these 20 tracks, all of which are re-recorded versions of his early hits.. they all have the one track from 'Guitar man" included, though.. "Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar".. the other songs are also purported to have come from these GTO sessions , but I could find no evidence of this. Rather, it appears to me that they were recorded during Duane's brief association with Mike Curb (of 'Curb Records" infamy).
Curb, of course, for those of you who may not know , seems to be the 'relicencing' kings..
Their stuff shows up on tons of those $3.99 CDs you see in Walmart etc..
Here's a couple of tapes sporting these tracks.. 
I didn't want to take the plastic off the first two, I bought them still sealed, so that's why they're scanned the way they are..
the second one  scan is coming soon.
OK.. so got this one scanned also.. and same as last one,, still sealed.
The thing that surprises me about this one is that it's a 'Castle' reissue.. I thought they were a bit above these kinds of things, and at least would have had the real original hits instead of 're-recorded by one or more original members of group'.
The previous one is k(tel), i can understand that., but Castle?
I've always been impressed with their Small Faces reissues and compilations, from way back before there was an internet, and the only way to get these tracks was Castle issues, onwards to their 'Sanctuary'and 
'Repertoire' subsidiaries
This next one has the exactly same tracks as the other two, in the exact same order.. it came out on 'Arena' which i have never heard of, but then it's not a North America label..
Another thing I've noticed, is that almost all of the budget copies  (especially now on CD) are called "Dance with the Guitar Man'..
It's a shame.. he actually has a real album called that..
This only lessen's it's saleability if it's ever reissued!

This last one is a real reissue, of his two Colpix albums, in the mid 60's.
They're pretty cool, I've got to admit..
He came out with a Bob Dylan truibute album, and one  called 'Duane a- Go-Go', likely due to his then-recent gig at the Whisky..
That's it for now

Deep man ..Deep

Here's one I haven't got anymore.. i really miss this one too.. I've been trying to find replacement DP Tetragrammaton cassettes for quite a while.. they're not easy to come by..

And , as a second, here's the LP that came right before this one.. In the UK and protectorates these came out on Harvest/EMI instead of Tetragrammaton, and this one's from Australia (Tony again)..

More from EP..

Another one of the ones I received from Tony over at Extended Playtime.. an Australian one, of course..
This time it's Joe Cocker.. a 1975 cassette

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ain't It Nice, Ameoni...

Here's a couple of cassettes by The Nice that you just *never* see anymore..
In good shape too..
Firstly.. Amoeni Redivivi...

And  Next.. 'The Best Of The Nice"