Wednesday, November 16, 2011

...And thanks ta missis svlemke vor the lovely cabbage rolls...

Ok this is as shleppy as i'm gonna get..
Just recently i bought a whole box of lame tapes , the kind that sit in thrift stores for ten cents each.. for ten years.. The kind that , in a million years i could never figure out *why* anyone would buy them, used or .. brrr.. new (!).. the kind that, especially if they were donated to the thrift store, get marked up to 2$ apiece by some flunkie when the shop is taking inventory of the value of it's store stock..
But yet,  i bought em.. thing is  they had *flawless* cases, which I needed.... And so now I'm stuck with a whole bunch of left over liners and tapes for 'Otto Wein und his Special Organ'..  Lawrence Welk specials.. 'Magic Accordian Melodies ' Mrs Mills singalongs at the piano..etc etc..
And the archetypical POLKA tape of all history..
Really.. (I can't get SCTV's polka corner out of my head!) in this mess, I ran into what has to be the ultimate "Polka Time" tape.. even all the song titles are , well.. square as .. i mean it is the epitome of shlepp.
If you ever want to show someone the most 'Olaf and Mrs Gorky Cabbage Rolls and Perogey' polka tape.. well.. here it is!

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