Monday, October 30, 2017

I've been away...

...But now  I am back. After m y extended stay in the hospital I have started to feel up to posting again . TYping is still extremely difficult but I hsve lot of extremely rare tapes to post.
I have decided against scans in the future because it's too easy to simply edit or even make up a cover. Not counting the covers that get copied by other folks  and sold as originals. I won't go into detail about my experience with that.. but from now on I am going to post digital photographs.
Currently I am planning to post the rest of my Zappa tapes.. all first or second editions, and then myt FGleetwood Mac tapes.. the pre 1977 ones, that is. There's very little collectible or desirable in the Buck Nicks and newer era, except for their pre-Mac solo album and various radio interview reel to reels..
So stay tooned!