Friday, November 11, 2011

Westerdays guitar...

Here we have Wes Montgomery..
Back when Fantasy was snapping up all the prestige labels like , well, Prestige, Riverside, and Stax, among others, some long out of print albums got a new life , of sorts.. most of these reissues didn't stay in print very long.. only because of the limited markets of  styles involved..
That makes the first two Wes Montgomery cassettes here still *quite* scarce.. not maybe as much as the last one here, but scarce, nonetheless..
As far as more about the albums per se.. I'll let the original cassette liner notes do the verbiage.. just click the covers (as always) for a better view..

                                                                'So Much Guitar'

'Boss Guitar'

And this last one from 1967, his first for A&M, and one of hist last before .. and i kid you not ..."unexpectedly" dying in 1968 from a heart attack.. have a look at the album cover... (!)

I'd definitely look out for these three..The music from these albums is not hard to find online if you just want to have an introduction to his cool style...

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