Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Early Creedence Fantasies...

Back in the 1960's, when these cassettes came out.. tapes weren't always made by the record companies, but rather specific 'tape' companies like Ampex.. they would just make them to order, and add the label's logo on it somewhere.
The typesetting was done by hand, using metal type and spacers, on an  individual basis, so that depending who was on shift, the fonts and proportionality could change.. from album to album.. if you look at the backs of these three CCR albums you'll see how different they are from each other, as well as how the lines themselves have variable darkness and thicknesses on all the letters, due to the ink presses being mechanical. On a modern computer's font, you see the letters perfectly formed with the darkness of each letter perfectly even..
How thinks have changed..


  1. Hi Doc added you in my Bog Links "Extended Playtime" Don't know if you would be interested I have about 600 Aussie issued Cassettes if you're interested could scan some for you.

  2. Thanks.. but aw shoot! I'd be *way* more interested in the cassettes themselves ;-)
    .. At least some of them, anyways.. it seems some artists , such as Small Faces and Duane Eddy, got way more distribution down under. than at home...
    But yeah if you could scan those and a few others the same way as I've done, including the tape shells, (check back a post) and I'll include a note that they've been contributed by you.. the more variety I can add to this site, the better

  3. Can do that Doc but where do I send them.

  4. Hey man,

    Great site! Just noticed that on Cosmos's Factory and Willy that the track lists for side one and two are reversed, i.e. what was on side one is listed as being on side 2.

  5. hadn't noticed that before.. as i mentioned.. everything was done by hand.. I wonder though, if the tapes themselves are like that.. Ill scan them and add them soon