Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweetie Pie..

Found these two  .. both 70's bands.. although I never cared for the Sweet that much.. i grabbed this tape anyways because it's quite scarce...

Thisnext one will soon be moved to te main Humble pie post, as I slowly re-organize all the covers to be in their own grouping. For the moment, you can still find it here , as well as also there..


  1. Yes I’m trying to get a copy of that sweet tape

  2. I'm so sorry I lost it, a few years back. I'd gladly let you have it , otherwise.
    Regarding the fact that blog hasn't been updated for a few years, fact is, I haad a stroke, and afterwards couldn't type almost anything at all.
    I've got a disturbing amount of tapes to list, all first editions of rare cassettes.. such as the first epic fleetwood macs, the debut and english rose . and of course Black Magic Woman (the combination of the debut and english rose) that came out in 1971, all the original Mothers of Invention Verve cassettes, Every John Mayall cassette, all the Ten Years after, Brian Auger, All the Beatles and Apple original releases, and tons more. Even though I could barely type afer my stroke, I still was able to look for rare tapes.. so although it will probably take years to list them all I’ll get started soon.\
    I’ve also got hundreds of rare tapes that I’ve amassed in the process of building my collection that I want to get rid of, like duplicates or extras etc. I’ll try to list them shortly..


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