Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just a small rant!

As you can obviously tell.. i collect cassettes.
Well, like the rest of the world, i also sometimes use .. horror of horrors brrrr (evil theme music now!)
Why are so many sellers on Ebay  totally Brain Dead..
Like "RARE Out of print 'advance promo' cassette complete with with case and labels.. works"

I mean Duh.. you forgot 'has pad and tape reels'.. and i mean when has a 'promo' cassette ever been IN print... Not that I ever buy them. Especially from sellers with just too many.. it's possible for 1 or 2 promo cassettes to slip into a collection.. but NOT 10 to 20...
Looks like the printer's been warmed up then...
And if you stick RARE in front of EVERY listing it looks like you're a PRIME f**ing DUFUS..
Lastly.. $16 to ship a cassette?
And if you confront them with this they get *ever* so offended...
Like "i have to take the bus with my tape to the post office.. that cost me too" and "I use expensive packing to keep them safe.. how everyone else can ship a tape for 5$ I don't know!"
..Well.. if you have to take the bus to the post office with your *one and only* ebay sale.. I'd suggest another line of work..
And have you heard of cardboard? it's free! It protects tapes just fine.. so does the entirely replaceable plastic case that it comes with, that in fact, some dealers have done away with entirely..


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