Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cassette Covers - Stax of tapes to come...

One of the Universe's cruel jokes is that it can be dry for ever, but when it rains it pours..
Same with the P Off.. (i assume you've seen Fawlty towers ;-)
They all came at once (In the MAIL you dirty minded sloff!)
I've been scanning for what seems for ever, and here's a teaser.....
No Booker T. with them, but it's still the same guys otherwise...

Sho is...and Here's the master of Kleen...

PS I've had a few 2-nite.. first time in a year.. so I didn't notice the label scan above was TIFF when I UL'd it  (I don't have a JPEG version of it yet) .. and it accepted it? You can see for yourself!

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