Friday, February 10, 2012

Reel to Reel Tapes

Well, this is the Reel to Reel tapes section.. my necessity it's gonna be small, because these things go for a mint used..routinely fetching several hunded dollars used for the older  60's ones, especially British Invasion, Surf rock, and Blues
Firstly: cover - Dis singer gonna make you an offer you can't refuse..
Yup.. it's Frankie Sinatra Baby..
I stumbled on a stack of pre-recorded reel to reels a few days ago.. even though they're not my 'Bag', nusicwise, i picked the ones i at least had some familiarity with.. here's one of them.. they're all in beautiful condition too..!

Next is one I  really didn't think I'd get.. I just thought it would look good in the shop window.. I plan on opening another rare tapes and records shop (but mostly tapes).. It's always good to have something like this in the (less sunny ;-) window..

 This next one is by Elvis's old bass player, Bill Black.. he set out on his own around the time Elvis went into the military.. this is an early Best of from 1962 or so.. I wan lucky to find a copy:

I have more from that same era..Why these have survived in like new condition, yet the Beatles reel aged noticeably, isn't clear..
Wayne King, for those who don't know, is another of those instrumentalists like Ace Cannon, Earl Bostic, Bill Doggett,  Herb Alpert ...etc etc.. Nice stuff...the tape's mint too...

Another instrumentalist, more along the lines of Harry James in that it was a full orchestra,, was Percy Faith.. lotsa fiddles...people who say they can't stand this kind of music seem to lile it ok when it;s a soundtrack to a movie.. -)

And.. speaking of movies, here's a *really* old soundtrack..

Lastly, a mid 60's Patsy Cline Reel ..since Pickwick was a supposedly "budget" label, releasing something immediately after the singers death , on Reel to Reel, especially , is a bit odd, as reels were *quite * expensive in the day.. even
the tiny sticker on the reel shows typical Pickwick thriftiness !

That's all for now...


  1. Aww, you’re so lucky to have these reels! The only one that I’ve got was Frank Sinatra’s. But I’ve had a hard time listening to it because my player’s feeding on the ribbon so I had to have it converted digitally.


  2. Sorry I never replied earlier.. the comment slipped past me! Unfortunately, I no longer have them. Partly due to economic neccesity, I had to sell them off.. I have to say, though, I couldn't believe my luck when I found them at the thrift store (all but Bill Black And The Beatles MMT).. The Bill Black and Magical Mystery Tour I found online on an obscure website, and bought especially to start a reel to reel section on the blog. Unfortunately, my reel player , a really nice sony, got donated to the thrift store when I was in the hospital! Well, bad luck happens, eh?

  3. PS.. I started looking for reel to reels specifically because there's a very few albums that have never been digitally remastered, Fleetwood Mac's Future Games among them - and I really wanted to digitize a fresh early "pressing" because the current ones sound awful. Before Bob Welch's tragic death, i had an opportunity to obtain genuine submasters of the album, to convert digitally, but that opportunity vanished with his death (RIP, Bob.. Praying for you every day!).
    Since then, I started looking for a first edition reel to reel, which is how I got the bug.
    Used R2R prices have just spiked recently, to insane levels, so I quickly got out of *that* market ;-)