Friday, February 17, 2012

Cassette Cover - Freddy (Freddie) King.. again

Never get tired of this guy.. other than budget compilations of his (mostly) early Federal sides, you don't come across cassettes of his very often.. however, anyone interested in obtaining some would do well to check out GEMM online..


  1. I bought this cassette for $1.99 at a used book store in 1993. Ever since, I have been a massive Freddie King fan. Though it's missing a few essential cuts like "The Stumble" and "Someday After A While," I still think it's the best introduction to Freddie King I've seen. After that, I usually recommend the 2 volumes of Blues Guitar Hero since they have the original mono mixes rather than the awkward sounding (fake) stereo mixes with phasing issues included on The Very Best of Freddy King, Vols. 1-3.

  2. They're very definitely not fake stereo on the Very best 1-3 series.. there are issues with the sound though.. and frankly i dislike half of the mixes..I agree though that the sound on "blues guitar hero" is the best by far..


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