Thursday, February 2, 2012

Auction update.. "The Man Who Sold The Tape"

Yup.. been following an interesting auction.. It's up to nearly $170 with a day yet to go..
for a David Bowie cassette..
I'm not saying it's not rare.. in fact it is.. very.. It was the last  album during his label hopping days, with Decca, Philips, Mercury, and finally RCA..
It doesn't show up on cassette often either..
If you want it you'll have to pony up more than the current bid at $165.. Too rich for my blood ;-(
Here's the link


And.. here's the update.. and what it sold for 

would you believe..
$473.00 !!!!
And.. so you know what all the fuss is about, heres a scan of another copy of this tape.. you'd think after what it went for that there'd not be another copy around, but here is one .. alas.. i no longer have a copy nor have I any idea idea which tape these scans came from, but the last one I *did* own cost me 8 bucks..


  1. And I bet you are wishing you still had it now some of the prices that items go for are astounding AC/DC's first single "Can I sit next to you girl" always sells for over a $1,000 dollars one recently $1,600 wish I had a box of them lying around.

  2. Yup.. the worst part is that i lost these recent ones in the trunk of a car that was stolen.. If I had sold them maybe I'd feel better about it.. although maybe not.. the music market where I live is *so* depressed I just sold a whole bunch of tapes which would have sold online for anywhere from 20 30 bucks each for 1.00 each.. and I've got a pile of 45s from the 50's and 70's that i can't sell at all, even though some are even original Beatles with the picture sleeves..
    Ah well..

  3. I meant from the 50's and 60's.. i'm having problems with my keyboard.. and I'm already on my fifth replacement! Time for #6, maybe ?


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