Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cassette cover - Good ole stogey munchin' tophat wearin boogie...

A Big Cigar and a Tophat.. well there's that voice too.. the main reason I liked early Savoy Brown so much was Chris Youlden .. and when he left the band, thankfully they adapted. Well, too.. turns out their rhythm guitarist could really belt it out.. in fact he kept on doing it as the main singer in Foghat..
 Back to Chris though..after he left he took a long break until 1974, and then recorded two albums in relatively quick succession. for Decca UK..
 Im 1978 or '79 this cassette came out, probably not for very long, and as far as I know, has never been reissued.. It is a compilation of tracks from his two albums City Child, and Nowhere Road.

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