Thursday, March 1, 2012

Writing in the desert re a post with no name..

Sorry aboot the shameless lyrical reference..point is.. I am now working on a 'Pet' post.. Fleetwood Mac  (1968 to 1974) is one of my four biggest influential bands.. of whom I've always considered FM to be at the apex//
Both Danny Kirwan (who I don't know, but have the greatest sympathies for, considering his 'troubles'), and Bob Welch (who I do know, just a little bit.. having also asked him to come by and support my 'troubled ' blog ;-)) have been wonderful influences.. via 'Future Games'...the first FM album I ever bought..
As it happens, I recently have stumbled upon a precious few original FM cassettes.. although not all are in my possession just yet, given the vagaries of the international post..
So I'll post a cover now.. and the rest will  be posted in a short while..
...THEN PLAY ON. came out with a lovely hand-drawn cover , perhaps some artist's rendition of something significant.. I had a really nice AMPEX copy  of it on cassette in the early 70's , when it was distributed by Kinney Music..
Except in the UK.. for some reason it was issued in 'Basic Black' for at least a year, before they changed to the now standard 'horse and rider'  hand-drawn cover...
Does anyone know why?
Irregardless... here it is...

Another somewhat early one, even though , technically, It's a re-issue, from the  70's, is "Albatross'.. a combination of some of Christine McVie's solo album (as C Perfect), and tracks from FM's first three albums..I first bought it on vinyl, back when UK pressings were ultra cool.. and they WERE too.. the covers were of a superior cardboard, as was the ink and such, and the vinyl was considerably quieter.. although they were unlikely to be first pressings, so they came with this (now) humorous caption of a 'Skull and crossbones'  Home Taping is Killing Music' (!)
Really? Home taping, and apparently, not the crappy signings that the big labels were engaging in, and continue to this day?..(Seems snorting an ounce a day, and spending all your hard-earned on ladies of the hour, can affect your ability to discern good from crap...)

OK.. a later update here- unlike the rest  of these posts, I'm not going to try to post every tape I have of the relevant artist, all in one go..rather, a bit at a time.. so next tape:

And.. not in any order of release either.. so that allows ne to go back to..this:

Their third album in the UK.. although I know the American equivalents (which would be English Rose and Black Magic Woman, etc)  did exist on tape, I haven't seen them , other than the Epic records Black Magic Woman, of which I had a copy...
Next is the rare as 'hens teeth' set from the Boston 1970 gigs.. 'Cerulean'..
Often classified in discographies as a Bootleg, it is in fact, not:.. although it retains the garish coloring typical of boots ..

And, in no particular order , MAdison Blues :

Next.. a much later one.. Tusk,, i always liked this version of the album cover, though:
Next.. a bit of a sideways step..
I bought a copy of 'Penguin and when I received it it had TWO covers in the box.. :
This one:
and this one:

Both appear legit printing wise, texture wise, etc..
I sure prefer the black one..!
Here's the tapes from it:

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