Monday, March 12, 2012

Still in plastic!

Here's one I *am* keeping sealed . Unlike the John &  Yoko tape below, this one has no holes in the wrap anywhere, or rips etc..
I can't believe I managed to cop 2 of these in one month.. sealed.!


  1. I bought this on vinyl way back when it first came out and is one of the few vinyls that I've owned that has gone missing most likely lent to a "friend" who didn't return it. I saw a copy of it in not so mint condition at a store here Chaos Music it was autographed by all 4 members and the asking price was $1000 and this was in the late 70's. I now have my CD copy which is a great collectors item it came in a replica of the tobacco tin in the artwork.

  2. Ah yes I remember the tobacco tin one. it was a very early issue for CDs, i think 1987, on Castle Back then, finding it on CD was almost like finding the holy grail !. I had it, but have long since parted with it.. I think I still have the large brown "coaster" that was in it.. at least I had it for years...