Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A curiosity, indeed...

I've run intro a tape.. a reissue of "Hey Jude" that seems to have a peculiar anomaly.. apparently, it's a *Capitol* tape, made by *Apple* , instead of the normal Apple tapes, manufactured by Capitol.. it has the Capitol Logo on front, and both the "Manufactured by Capitol, AND the Manufactured by Apple"..
Anyone ever see this misprint before? Is it rare or did they make a lot with this particular error.?
I have been able to find nothing so far on the web, I may have to join a dedicated Beatles site to find out...


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  2. I have one of those too, bought in 1981. I had always assumed that it had been initially printed w/Apple info and then printed over later with the Capitol info

  3. Yeah, maybe all of the post Apple (1976 -198?) but pre XDR issues have it..perhaps they caught it too late and didn't want the bother of re-tooling the printer press .. they updated the covers again when they upgraded the tapes to the Dolby HX Pro.. the difference in quality of cassette housings and tape qualitv , as well as the sound improvement really was significant.. I didn't really like the new covers though..

  4. And.. apparently, 1370 Avenue Of The Americas, was the new Apple address, (Right before they went belly up, or otherwise ended their relationship with the bittles....
    Funny how on the most recent cassettes the "apple" has once again been resurrected.. not good for brain dead ebay victims, who buy into the 'NEW APPLE with BAR CODE... RARE" ads for cassettes that (is a run of 1, 000,00 copies rare?) are likely common as bird shit..

    However, some dealers, just stuff "RARE" in EVERY ad.. as if it makes a difference..
    Yup. Dont waste your time doing research,... just trust the dealer's copy ;-)
    YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!