Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Many Many Meny Mene mene tapes ar coming..

So OK you may have *not* got the OldTestament reference in the title (or should i have said on the wall;-)..              
But you *should* have gotten the main point.. which is, that there's several hundred VERY RARE tapes on the way to being posted.. that you'll see NOWHERE else.. ( I Mean, c'mon, who ELSE has *ever* posted a full screenshot of John and Yoko's "unfinished music No 2, and MINT, no less....!  )
...*BUT* organizing , and scanning these tapes, without ruining them, takes TIME..
(or whatever ;-)
I's coming mistuh.. I's just shufflin my feets as fast as theys gonna go  (with respects to ole great great gran papa)

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