Friday, March 30, 2012

Soon soon soon.. just stay tooned !!

I have been soo busy I simply have not had the time to make new posts..
Busy with what? You may well ask.. and you may ;-)
Busy scanning and organizing some of the rarest cassettes ever issued.. before I post them here I want to have them organized .. and folks.. I have a moderate level of Aspergian autism, so that is NOT easy..
But hang in, y'all..soon the rarest cassetes on the 'net will be posted here. so BOOKMARK this site or better yet, sign up as FOLLOWER.. you will NOT regret it, if you are at all interested in rare cassettes!

Incidentally, when taking a break from scanning, and  editing for publication, all these covers, I have considered what to do with the several thousand tapes on hand,
Selling them on ebay is a non starter.. I'd rather keep them than sell to anonymous faces
What about a shop?
Now where I live, any shops that sell cassettes and tapes in general are all gone belly up.. even the CD chains and also the privateers are having a hard time..
But.. why not have an "experiential' kind of shop.. say.. licensed,  with tables on the curb outside where one can peruse either what was freshly bought, or the current stock, while having a pint.. complete with running films about past rarity conventions, music playing from any of the rare stock..
  I've done the math.. and it seems I only need 10 to 20 sales per day of truly "collectible' items to make this thing float...
What about y'all.. do YOU remember the smell of , say, book stores, where you could spend all day inside looking for that perfect rare book, or the old vinyl record shops, where . come rain or shine, it wuz cozy to the max to go through all these records, even if you bought nothing.. where else would you have ever wanted to be?

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