Monday, March 12, 2012

Alvin Lee all the way..

This is a post in progress.
Instead of starting with the earliest releases .. I think I'll post what has GOT to be one of the HOTTEST albums ANYONE has ever made.. right now I'm listening to the truest Chuck Berry tribute *anyone *has ever recordeed.. not derivative in ANY way.. but a true tribute.. ( i now an hour later, do not remember the title,, so if you get the album, you'll have to listen to the whole thing to find out which track I mean) and lemme tell you.. the rest of the album is also a masterpiece...
It's called "1984".. or "I hear you Rocking" depending here you live..
It's an old album, but it says what he  (Mister Alvin Lee) is about, in spades
So..  am i gona get to play with ya? lemme know - soon!!
OK I am biased.. who wouldn't be..
You have got to hear it .. so in the comments is a link...

(for those who don't know, I also have a music blog where I post my own releases..)
Here's the artwork...
And here's the back... soo what's with the markers felts?
Here's the story:  A fella (Gary) who I buy a lot of tapes from on  eBAy.. seems to have gotten a whole bunch off REALLY good tapes from somebody who thought the best way to treat rare tapes was to DEFACE them.. this fella has Albert King, Freddie King, Alvin Lee (as you can see) John Lee Hooker, etc.. the very best of the best, all defaced.. with orange marker..
and since I also have good taste, I keep ending up with all these defaced tapes...

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