Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Years After

Here's All The Ten Years After Cassettes I currently have to list:
Undead (An early UK Decca one)

Watt ( a rare early German copy)

Another German one.. this time part of the Teldec "Profile" Series

This is a US 'Columbia' tape.. before they appeared on the "Chrysalis' logo..

Tjis next one came in a "slip case" which i don't like much.. so I put the case ion storage, and transfered the cover.. 'Lock Stock And Barrel" to a paper sleeve, to fit inside a dust cover.. Think it's a good job, myself...

Next is a "Chrysalis" issue of "Rock and roll music to the world'
This is a very rare first edition of the chrysalis tapes.. subsequent issues of ALL Chrysalis tapes would look different...

This is the slightly more common second style Chrysalis issue (In the UK, again)
The differences aren't striking, but a different green color is used,  the logo is now in red, and the cassettes have the appearance that all chrysalis tapes in the 70's kept...

In the US, the designers were having a bad day.. ! although the Cricklewood one below isn't all that bad..some were garish..
I don't have any pre-bar code ones, but they weren't that much different than these 80's issues:
And here's the US 80s Watt issue:

Lastly, for the moment.. here's a french 70s Decca compilation...

..OK now a Canadian compilation.. one of the first I ever owned, in fact..

Also, some Alvin Lee solo, (and Ten Years Later) stuff..

And.. until more arrive in the post, This next is the last so far...the reunited TYA .. and it's a good album too!

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