Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some of that Old Time Rock And Roll..

Yup.. another category that I can tuck all my odds and ends into.. at least my 50's ones..
Starting of with Bill Haley & the Comets.. absolutely dated stuff.. but unique..

Next is Mr Chuck Berry.. as an originator, I don't think his stuff will ever be dated, at least to me...

Next is Mr "Blue Suede Shoes" himself.. Carl Perkins..
I really like these next guys, although I can only listen for so long..
The Everly Brothers..

 Also , next, there's Mr "Blueberry Hill".. 

I really like these next guys.. Johnny and the Hurricanes.. but again.. only in small doses...  this is a very scarce tape, by the way...
This next one, well, i don't care for at a;ll.. but hey, I got the tapes, so, here they are..

Next .. some original issue Elvis tapes..

That's all I could dig up,  at the moment

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