Saturday, April 14, 2012

Historia De La Musica Rock series

A very cool series from  (I think) the  70's out of spain.. the quality of the tapes is usually high, and the choice of music is usually quite good..
Starting with the first No 1..

Next Nos 5 & 8...

9 & 11...

13, 14 & 15..

16, 17 & 25...

Nos 31, 49, & 80..


  1. The only one of those I remember seeing was the Beatles one with Let It Be-era photos and Tony Sheridan recordings.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks.. I managed to get quite a few more scans before I ended up selling them. Didn't want to.. but at the time I needed funds. If I find these scans I'll add them. Unfortunately I've got scans for over 24000 cassettes so it;s really not going to be that easy. I guess I need to get someone to write a specifically for cassettes cataloging and search program !