Friday, April 13, 2012

Pink Floyd

Placing all the Pink Floyd here.. as of today I have all the US Harvest issues.. excepting maybe the first two albums.. does anyone know if they even came out on Harvest originally?.. Be that as it may, I've sort-of got them in the "Nice Pair" cassette, except for the switched Astronomy Domine..
Speaking of the "Nice Pair" here's the US cassette:

Next is Ummagumma.. the edited US version..

Next the soundtrack to "More"

Next is "Relics".. I don't know precisely when it came out in the timeline, but i expect it's around here:

Because I bought most of these still sealed in plastic, I didn't have to clean up the scans at all. Nice!
and this next one's a good example..Atom Heart Mother:

This next one, "Meddle" is one of my favorite albums, period:

Obscured by clouds soundtrack..(just got it today!)

And of course, Dark side of the Moon:

Thankfully, I had pre-existing scans for some of these already, so I didn't have to crease the sleeves under the scanner bed.. Phew!
I'll be posting the Columbia and import issues soon..
Well.. soon has arrived..  and I'll Start out with the same tape I previously, except this time, the UK issue of same..

NExt... the Australian Ummagumma.. although It's been claimed out to me by someone who (I believe) that these are '90s issues, I'm having  a hard time accepting that, due to the lack of bar codes (Which were internationally required by then) and the fact that, in the rest of the world, the "Harvest" logo had been retires and new sleeves printed.. Anyone have solid evidence one way or the other?

Now to Italy, a place I could say a lot about, tape-wise, but wil refrain for now ;-)
A nice copy of 'Saucerful of Secrets'..

Now to an Australian CBS first issue of  'Animals':

Another Aussie tape.. same era as the previous.. was in a hurry so I only scanned at 300 DPI.. so if it's a bit blurry.. that's why...

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