Saturday, April 14, 2012

Duane Eddy

Here's the Duane Eddy tapes..

here's an (i think) 1972 cassette.. I don't know the precise year of the cassette issue, although the album itself was released 1972...



First. here's the UK version of a tape I posted earlier, as the German issue:
Also from the UK, here's a two cassette issue from Cambra that came out in 1982.. called 'The Fabulous Duane Eddy'

In 1994, Sony came out with a short compilation of some of his Jamie stuff.. it's a good set . but short (so is the CD)..
Several of his  RCA albums were released by Pickwick (England) in a slightly shorter format (10 songs instead of 12)..
This reissue of his GTO label album, however , seems to have them all, but then it came out about the same time (1975)
This next one came out about in 1972, 10 years after the original ..
I also got some budget reissues.. that *all* same to be from the same sessions (a practice they are still continuing today)// It appears that almost *anyone* can get a licence to reissue these 20 tracks, all of which are re-recorded versions of his early hits.. they all have the one track from 'Guitar man" included, though.. "Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar".. the other songs are also purported to have come from these GTO sessions , but I could find no evidence of this. Rather, it appears to me that they were recorded during Duane's brief association with Mike Curb (of 'Curb Records" infamy).
Curb, of course, for those of you who may not know , seems to be the 'relicencing' kings..
Their stuff shows up on tons of those $3.99 CDs you see in Walmart etc..
Here's a couple of tapes sporting these tracks.. 
I didn't want to take the plastic off the first two, I bought them still sealed, so that's why they're scanned the way they are..
the second one  scan is coming soon.
OK.. so got this one scanned also.. and same as last one,, still sealed.
The thing that surprises me about this one is that it's a 'Castle' reissue.. I thought they were a bit above these kinds of things, and at least would have had the real original hits instead of 're-recorded by one or more original members of group'.
The previous one is k(tel), i can understand that., but Castle?
I've always been impressed with their Small Faces reissues and compilations, from way back before there was an internet, and the only way to get these tracks was Castle issues, onwards to their 'Sanctuary'and 
'Repertoire' subsidiaries
This next one has the exactly same tracks as the other two, in the exact same order.. it came out on 'Arena' which i have never heard of, but then it's not a North America label..
Another thing I've noticed, is that almost all of the budget copies  (especially now on CD) are called "Dance with the Guitar Man'..
It's a shame.. he actually has a real album called that..
This only lessen's it's saleability if it's ever reissued!

This last one is a real reissue, of his two Colpix albums, in the mid 60's.
They're pretty cool, I've got to admit..
He came out with a Bob Dylan truibute album, and one  called 'Duane a- Go-Go', likely due to his then-recent gig at the Whisky..
That's it for now

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