Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three More from down under...

A couple more from Tony at Extended Playtime, who's been kind enough to send me artwork from the  Australian ones that I'm not likely to ever see up here..
A funny thing I've noticed.. all the Aussie ones have the tapes marked sideways, sometimes on both sides of the tape, or even upside down as well..
Since the general layout for the tapes does start out similar to the UK ones, it's as if  they're saying "oy we're not englesh, mate" in a very LOUD way ;-)
So here's the first one, and in keeping with my previous point, I'm showing the cassette scans first:
                                                               This release is Circa 1974
Ah who doesn't like GFR?

and next, a not too shabby live album from the Stones.. looks to be an early, if not necessarily first, edition..

And lastly, the first one he sent me.. when Gary Glitter was a still named after  a *band* and not the disgraced singer...

I'll pick up the pace from now on, as well as  fix all the missing labels etc..

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