Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Blooz..from the Kings of the blues..

OK scanned some more cassettes..
This Freddie (Freddy) King album [Let's Hide Away and Dance Away With Freddy King] is the one that really did it for him, back in '62.. but it was the bluesbreakers cover of 'Hideaway' that cemented his reputation in the rock world.. the cassette is not as easy as all that to find, either, even if it does occasionally show up in stores and auctions, it's not often-
 This next one , [Great Moments With B.B. King] I had assumed, was a common re-issue because I see it often on CD, but the tape itself doesn't appear much, perhaps because it's a full double album.. It's superior to many of the MCA compilations, as it consists entirely of his first 5 ABC/Paramount /Bluesway albums from 1962 to 1967.. *before* 'The Thrill is Gone'.. Furthermore, this album was the only source for most of these tracks..
A few of these tracks also appeared on this next one [His Best, The Electric B.B. King] which might have been titled like a compilation, but is really not.. most of these tracks had not yet appeared on any album.. It's also one of my favorites of his.. I don't know why i don't see this cassette for sale more often.
One of the first albums of B.B.'s I ever had was 'Back in the Alley'.. a great comp .. it started out with a ten minute track called 'Lucille',  where B.B. talks about his guitar and how it came to me called Lucille..
this is the album it originally appeared on... Was glad to have found the cassette!

Now we move on to Albert King..
This album came out originally only on vinyl, while Stax was still in business.Although they did issue some albums on cassettes, they were not common and you almost *never* see any original STAX cassettes anymore (I'm lucky to have some myself) . After they went bankrupt (in '76 , I believe) they eventually got bought out by Fantasy Records, who reissued many Stax albums on cassette from the early 80's onwards  , before they stopped making that format altogether..
This was one that came out then for the first time..
'Blues At Sunrise" is a live set, partially from the Montreaux festival, I think...

Perhaps because they were already reissuing his Stax albums,  Albert even recorded a few albums for them.
This is I think, his first with them.. They reissued it on CD later under the name "Crosscut Saw'-
That's it for this post!
Well one more...
Albert does the 'Kings' thing.. that is.. The 'King of the Blues Guitar' does the 'King of Rock and Roll'...

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