Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink, Pink, and more Pink (Floyd)

Yup.. i been busy..
No comments here (what is there left to say anyways about Pink Floyd?).. except that I really lucked out recently with near- mint very early issue cassettes (I'd say 1972-74)..
Firstly,, Ummagumma (no cassette scans..)
Next..The 'More" soundtrack..

This one I had to clean up a bit.. the factory had creased the spine bend way over into the cover picture.. really sloppy.. the spine title text was right down at the bottom..
I've seen a couple others since then, and it looks that it was done to the whole batch.
Otherwise, it was mint (all of the pink floyd tapes except Ummagumma and Meddle were still sealed when I got them!)
Next.. a real nice copy of 'Relics'

Next.. Meddle.. had this for a while.. was thrilled when I noticed it was the identical issue of the others

And (out of order)  here's  'Atom Heart Mother' the third of the batch of 3 sealed ones I got last week..

Yup.. there's more..
Here's 'Obscured By Clouds'..
Notice how cassettes back then had such nice coloring instead of the 'basic black' they all looked like later..?

Lastly .. what list would be complete without this one?
Dark Side Of The Moon..

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