Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Steve ~Miller section..

OK I'm nearly moved, and in the mneantime I've managed to scan all the Steve Miller cassettes
I was dumbfounded when I ran into, on two seperate occasions, absolute first edition Steve Miller cassettes, and in mint shape.. I never thought i would ever see any of these, ever, never mind all of them..
Boy was I nervous taking them out of the housings to scan them.. as clearly they had never been even opened before...!
So first.. in order of cassette issue numbers:
Children Of The Future
Next is Sailor:
Next is Brave New World:
Next is Your Saving Grace (a favorite of mine):
And their fifth one, called, amazingly enough, Number 5:
After I had found these, I really doubted I'd ever manage to fill out the collection with the next5 two, as they're rare as hen's teeth.. Yet within a month I ran into them too...
Rock Love:
And Journey From Eden..
Amazing, Eh?
Next one is "The Joker".. I found a mint first edition, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet...
So, Onwards to
Fly Like An Eagle, which is the one everybody knows, and lots of less informed folks thought was his first album!
Back in 1972, there was a compilation that came out, and was still in print when Fly Like An Eagle came out.. in fact, it was the only way to hear his older stuff, as they were all out of print:
This is the compilation..Anthology:
The box it came in:

~The last one I'm going to post is "Book Of Dreams", which, I think was really "part 2' of 'Fly Like An Eagle', as it's from the same recording sessions:
I'll post the cassette tape housings a bit later on, maybe after I've finished moving

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