Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ampex tapes

This category I'll make a hodge podge of those early Ampex tapes..

This first one is interestring, in that it's an Ampex tape, but nowhere does it say so.. It simply says RCA/Dunhill,  which is a strange combination, as Dunhill was an ABC subsidiary..
It must be one of the very earliest RCA tapes made though..
Here's all the cassettes, wher5e you can see that the John Philips tape is in fact identical in man ufacture to the Ampex's...

Here's a more normal Ampex.. these are Canadian ones , however, so they're EXTREMELY rare..
95% of ALL the Ampex tapes you will ever see, will be American ones, as Canada had (and still has) a much smaller population than the US (about 10%, or at the time, 20 million)..
and so , naturally, far fewer tapes were made here...

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