Monday, August 15, 2011

Well. first post...and it's Albert King

So just got a cassette i bought online.. sight unseen..
Turns out to be the one of the rarest blues cassettes I've ever seen..
I thought it might be a Tomato or so.. It's an RCA distribution of the Utopia release of Albert Live 1977.
I didn't even know it existed.. there are absolutely NO records of it ever existing anywhere.
Furthermore, i got it STILL SEALED..
Well, I'm slowly updating all these posts to include the cassette shells too, for the ones that are missing them,.. starting here
A late addition to this, my first post, is another Albert King tape.. in keeping with my plan to group together all the artists in their own spot:

Apparently, this album , in any format, is quite hard to find.. I don't recall ever having seen a cassette verison before, that's for sure..

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