Monday, August 15, 2011

More B.B. King ones..

Got a couple of the 'Kent' reissues .. often the only reason these kind of cassettes even exist is that usually, when a label is either about to be purchased, or be assessed for value.. etc.. they reissue lots of stuff in order to increase their value.. we can be thankful for stuff like that if we collect hard to find releases, as that's often the only way some of that stuff ever sees the light of day.
I suspect that may have been the case here.. as these ones were not exactly moneymakers.. and they didn't release them for more than one year..

Don't know about the 'United' releases.. probably the same..
This 'Fantasy' release i know *nothing* about.. it's not in any catalog I've had either..
AFAIK, the very same year that this tape came out all cassettes started carrying 'bar codes'..
Seeing as this one doesn't have one.. must have just 'missed' it :-)

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