Monday, December 12, 2011


(PS -- I've bumped this back by a year.. so that it's kind of "archived" It's actually dated 2012, not 2011)

This here is the RAREST Beatles cassette set.. this is SO rare that you will never again see another for sale in your lifetime.. (there's only, like.. what.. 6.. and NO sealed ANYWHERE... this is IT) in the WORLD.. and I am damn luck to have even been able to play a PART in the bidding..
There is no way I will win this. it will go well over 1000$  and I just don't have that tick..
but for a short time, I can say I was the highest bidder..

if you were to unseal this, you'd have 3 cassettes worth 150 Bucks each, and a really EXPENSIVE cardboard box!!!!!!

                          I was the first bidder, and held it for 5 days.. but then,.. the BIG BOYS started moving in (sigh).   Well, it was worth a shot.... just wait'll the last day of auction...when it tops well over 2 grand...   and it WILL. mark My words!!!!!! I mean, it's the cassette equivalent of the "Butcher Cover" Yesterday and Today... in fact, it's *rarer* than a First State Stereo Butcher Cover!!!!
Lately.. I have been apprehensive about this set.. Live all mega-collectibles, the location of all of them is KNOWN, yet this SEALED box appeared out of nowhere.. The store has NOT offered a Provenance, or suggested that one exists. Furthermore, this is NOT something one should buy sealed.. as in this case one needs to examine the contents, to assure the three tapes are still sealed.
Perhaps that's why the bidding hasn't gone as high as I would have expected.
I don't know if anyone ever had the nerve to try to "Fake" a box like this. I DO know that there are lirterally thousands of fake "Butcher covers" out there...

ATM only 48 minutes left to go... currently 88o$

I do wish I could afford the box, after all, I *have* one of the three tapes that came in it. they DO differ ever so slightly from the rest of the issues, in that they have a glossy sleeve, as opposed to the normal matte print on all other Capitol cassettes

Just a thought..How would you even authenticate a box like this without access to another?

OK y'all Here's the closing total:  $1, 277.88 ! ...... for 3 cassettes.. wow!

Too rich for me ;-)

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