Monday, October 31, 2011

Lovin Spoonful 1970

Heres a 1970 issue on 'Quality Records'..
Back in the late '60s and early '70s there was only two or three main tape companies in Canada .
Mostly there was Ampex, who had the contracts to make most of them.. by at least Decca, Reprise, Warner, and and more  i don't recall ATM..
Then there was Quality, who pressed for  the smaller labels, and mostly 'Canadian'  artists or canadiuan releases of US albums..
Quality was basically a small pressing company with no weight behind it.,. mainly in existence to sub for labels that wanted product in Canada..
Like The Loving Spoonful..
In the US this came out on Buddah..
But here in 1970.. on Birchmount ..
Because Canada had less than a tenth of the population of America at the time, and had NO music industry at the time.. there's way less of these than say, UK or US copies..
This one still had that 'new' rough feel to the ink also!


  1. Oh! My dad bought this same tape in Kentucky in 1982. Birchmount and all! Wow.

  2. Yup.. back in 1982 tere were still a LOT of original 1970 tapes that had been sitting on store shelves for maybe ten years.. i once bought a couple of 1970 Blodwyn Pig cassettes that had been out of print, for a decade already, at A&B music.. Canada wasn't that big a country.. and of the ones that got exported,, to say, Kentucky, such as your dad's, even less likely.. The Spoonful were not considered "hip" in the 70's to 80's anymore, and would have sat on shelves forever...